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This is our art blog because we thought it was about time to put our artwork onto a separate place!! It is where the bush and creativity meet.

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Scribbly Gums Art is named after our property 'Scribbly Gums' which is on the Lower Boro Road between Bungendore and Braidwood.

This blog is an ongoing celebration of those things and
will display Phil and my passions - art, painting, sculpture, mosaics, pottery, photography, mixed media and iron.....

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Carol & Phil Mead

Saturday, January 2, 2010

At last a few pics of pottery

I feel as though last year was a merry go round with me holding on for dear life. Hence I have been totally slack and not uploaded photos like I should - but here we go - some photos of pottery that I hope you will love

So here are a few of my lanterns - unfortunately the glaze was a bit ho hum - not what I expected - but I am happy with the shapes and they look wonderful at night!

Swirls Lantern

Gumnuts Lantern
Gumleaves Lantern

Nesting Bowls - I have produced a few sets of these and they are very useful
Some special people have received them as gifts


All together

This is my first teapot - I am rather happy with it

Like the shape and the wheat decoration
And whats more - it pours well!

Some jugs ............lots of sizes and lots of fun to make

White patterned jugs - I really like these patterns on them

I love the shape of the little one - would look cute with flowers
And the rim of the large one is really sturdy (I found this from You-tube and thought I would try it)

Last ones - the swirly one unfortunately is handle free - a little oops in the studio
But I do love the swirly pattern

That's it for a while - I begin pottery again in Feb and hopefully will do some throwing on my wheel before then..... we never know

Lots of love

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hard to keep up

Phils new sign - for his birthday 2008

I have four blogs and keeping them all going is not really happening but I know people read this cause I get emails which say - I see you haven't updated your blog in a while!!! So I am going to load some scrapping layouts of Scribbly Gums here......

Mum and Dad relaxing with a glass of bubbles!
Watching while we worked - they deserve a bit of time down!

I love the bark on these old trees
They are just so great!

The great news is that we have the sheds up - well almost all up - the roller doors need to be fitted and the water tanks installed! Then we can take some stuff out there which will free up the area a bit! Might go out next weekend and take some photos of the new sheds. Anyway when we come to sell - it will help!

Mum and Dad tree planting ...... hard to believe this was a year ago!!

The story of Scribbly Gums

These guys are actually at our place but they are so cute
I had to include them!!

I hope you enjoy them!
Til next time

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two new mixed media pieces

There are two new pieces on the Tattered Insirations Blog - have a quick visit and let me know what you think

I will be back in a week with more happenings!!

Lots of love

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two posts in one day

Well it just goes to show that miracles do happen

Here are some watercolours I did on our holiday to Far North Queensland..... now you might think I have gone overboard with bright colours - but they are actually true to life - and I sort of like the vibrancy

Purple Bower Plant an Rain forest Berries

A type of bower plant growing in lots of gardens we visited
The berries are from the rain forest - they were great as a filler and to lift the piece
The purple berries are a lilly pilly - they are gorgeous

The bell like purple flowers were in evidence throughout the gardens in the area. This vine was pretty spectacular too - though I think probably a pest because it is so invasive - I loved it though. Funnily enough it was on its last legs when I painted it but I left it for two nights in water adn then it sparked up again like nobodys buiness - might have been all the water colour paint in the glass as I use the same water for the flowers and to wet my brush.

Purple Bower Plant and spent flowers
This is bigger than my scanner
Sorry - but you get most of the picture

The hibiscus type flower (heaven knows what it is) was from outside Nick's Restaurant Yangaburra where the lady inside said I could have a bit to paint - thank you ...... I cannot do them justice taken from a photo

From Outside Nicks Restaurant
I will probably have to search for another name
But they were so beautiful - velvety and lush

And again

And yet again! Sorry to be boring

The lilly pillys were also in fruit and you will see them in the paintings as well - gorgeous colour and form.

Phil (DH) doesn't usually read this but he is so patient with me - wherever we stay there are cameras, pencils, flowers and me busily painting (like a mad woman)..... he usually cooks and then praises my paintings too..... as I said he is a patient man

Phil also does not blink an eye when I stay Stop!! I need to paint that and then I am off picking up and picking off bits and pieces to paint...... Love you babe!!

Thanks for looking - and I promise to try and post more regularly

In the meantime pop into Tattered Inspirations for some more eye candy - there are also some very talented ladies in my blog roll down the side



Okay well I have actually been very busy creating paintings - but I have a new mixed media blog and that is where I have been popping those pics - I realise that that is annoying for those of you who are used to my art going up here!!!

I promise I will try and be better at keeping this one updated too - I actually have 3 blogs now and there are the links to the other two above - so maybe if you are interested in the art stuff have a look here and also Tattered Inspirations

Okay well I guess I should pop here a few mixed media pieces so here they are:

Bathing at Millaa Millaa Falls
30x30 inch canvas - I am rather pleased with this

Detail of bather ..... I think she has worked out pretty well!

Boab Tree in Broome
Love the colours - they are true to life
1 metre high canvass

Detail of the rocks and sea

Can you see the butterfly??
I love hiding surprises in my work - there are actually 5 in this piece

I will upload some watercolour flowers I did in Qld too - just have to scan them!!

Love Carol

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Damask Pot

Okay I know it has been a while but here is a pot I threw last year and I love

I call it the Damask Pot, it is glazed inside and on the outside it has trails of leaves and flowers which are raised......

I have also included a few of my recent layouts featuring my pots waiting for firing.... they are back now so glazing them will be what I do next weekend!!

Create like you love.... with passion

Love this place.....

Lots of love

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Pottery Nook and Pots

It seems like an age where I have loaded some photos of pottery...... that is probably because of two reasons - first the Canberra Potters Society took down their old kiln shed and rebuilt it. Consequently there was not firing done in the kilns for 3 months - which is a long time!! And secondly with our trip to Tassie I decided not to do pottery in term 4 as I would be there only a little of the time.


Phil has bought me a sparkling brand new pottery wheel which we have put on the balcony and I have had lots of fun the past 2 days throwing pots...... Oh it was great to be playing with clay again and looking over the comings and goings of the bird life and people from my little vantage point.

Here are a few photos of the pottery nook on the balcony and what fun I had the last couple of days

My pottery nook at the end of the balcony overlooking
the bird life and people in the street below.

Some of my tools of the trade!

The pots I threw Sunday and Monday - pretty cool huh??
The lidded vessels are really cute - should be lovely glazed
and the bowls are nesting bowls designed to sit inside eachother

Think I might need to buy a couple more shelves
if I keep producing at this rate

Here are a few pottery pieces from term 3 classes..... they came up really well I think, and were fired in the new kiln - so the colours are great!

Porcelain Jewelery boxes
These are made in one piece on the wheel then cut
at the leather hard stage - very tricky to do......!!!
The bracelet is my present to me..... love it!

Tagine number 1 - I really like the shape of this
And I love the lid -funny thing though that this is a garden ornament because the glaze has melted the lid to the pot - never mind - it is a cute garden ornament!!

Tagine Number 2 - Shiga Red and Leech Green glazes
I am going to make more of these as I love the form and I really like
how the glazes work together

Matching bowl - like these handles and the way the
Leech Green glazes breaks over the edges of the pot.....

Thanks for your visit - and I look forward to putting up more in the near future - now I have my own wheel - it will be just great!! Love my new wheel!

Love Carol